Academic work

Collaborative Software Architecture Decisions - Structure and Dynamics

Systematic capture and management of architecture decisions are a practice characteristic for organizations reliant on complex software systems. The ISO 42010 standard has provided an extensible foundation for architecture decision modeling. Within the Ph.D. course at the University of Lugano, under the supervision of prof. Cesare Pautasso, I have proposed and evaluated an argumentation viewpoint extension to the architecture decision model. The empirical evaluation performed with the use of the prototypical tool demonstrated that structured decisions’ argumentation management improves the architecture decision-making process. The research resulted in the dissertation and public defense in September 2014.

Stark deceleration to produce cold SO2 molecules

For my Graduate program in Physics, I have joined prof. Tiemann’s group within the Institute of Quantum Optics at the Leibnitz University in Hanover. Under the supervision of Dr. Christian Lisdat, I have been working on the construction of the SO2 molecule decelerator. The project aimed at observing molecule fragmentation in the ultra-low temperature (below 1K) conditions. I have succeeded in building, conditioning, tuning, and running the decelerator to the specification. The specific technologies applied included high-power excimer and dye, and frequency doubled laser, high-vacuum turbo-pumps, high frequency, high voltage (15kV) switched decelerator core. Experimental results were accepted for publication in the European Physical Journal D. I have concluded the graduate program with the diploma submitted in June 2007.

Sulfur Dioxide Decelerator