Open-Source Contributions

For better or worse, I have spent a significant part of my software engineering career working on proprietary applications; therefore, my contribution to open-source is rather small.

Background support for Gherkin in JEST

Behavior Driven Development has proven itself to be a robust method for managing synchronization between specification and implementation. For the TypeScript based project that I’ve been working on, I gound a great JEST extension supporting Gherkin. Unfortunately, the original project was missing reusable background implementation. I have added the missing code in a GitHub fork.


BDD, JavaScript, TypeScript, Gherkin, NodeJS

OpenAPI generator for NodeJS/Express

API Standardization with OpenAPI/Swagger has grown to be a must in a distributed systems’ landscape. Due to the development team constraints, the system I contributed to used TypeScript/NodeJS in the backend. I have contributed minor changes to the OpenAPI-generator making it operational in Windows-based environment. The generator was further customized (forked) to meet project-specific backend stack set-up, that couldn’t be merged back to the original project.


Java, JavaScript, OpenAPI v2, Swagger

NodeJS based reverse-proxy bugfix

I’ve been using NodeJS based reverse-proxy for ingress routing of production deployments for the Software Architecture Warehouse. As described in the SAW Development blog I have found that the proxy doesn’t pass a content-length parameter for DELETE requests that were essential for my application.


NodeJS, JavaScript, HTTP