Professional Projects

Cloud-native eCommerce solution

The project concerned multi-tenant subscription management system for paid digital media distribution. Within the role of the lead software engineer, I have contributed to project scope management and I have driven technical requirements elicitation and technical design. I led the team of about ten software engineers through the system implementation and deployment. I have created and curated view-based Software Architecture Documentation and auto-generated API documentation.


NodeJS, TypeScript, OpenAPI, AWS, JIRA/Xray, BDD, Gherkin

Containerization of testing infrastructure

I have picked up an enterprise Java-based testing pipeline for a portfolio risk management system that was initially running over 1.5h long. Long execution time was prohibitive for rapid feedback on testing pull-requests. I have migrated the execution from build servers to the cloud infrastructure and reduced its running time more than ten times, down to about 10 minutes. The challenges addressed included weaving together dependencies (solver component, selenium for UI tests, etc.), container deployment to the cloud provider, and container execution scheduling.


Maven, Docker, jUnit, docker-java, Selenium, Google Cloud

Markovitz portfolio theory, mean-variance based, mixed-integer quadratic optimization

I have taken over responsibility for the core component of the award-winning investment portfolio management software. Over two years, I have actively maintained and enhanced the component. I have facilitated cooperation in research and development with the quantitative analysts leading to the implementation of new and enhancements to existing features. I have coached a junior team member and supported growth into the fully feathered quant developer.


Java, Python, R, JAX-RS, Gurobi, BDD, Docker

From Marcin’s broad set of skills, I especially appreciate his ability to assimilate complex concepts outside his area of expertise quickly. Therefore, explaining an issue to him is fast and easy, and the support provided always matched the expectations. In particular, as a quantitative analyst, I was able to perform high-quality research thanks to Marcin’s software solutions.

Marco Laube - Quant Engineer

Cobas Liat testing architecture

I have taken over the role of the software architect for the legacy in-vitro diagnostic system. I have closely collaborated with project requirements engineer and product owner for two international scrum teams. I have driven the development of a testing architecture necessary for the successful product launch. Furthermore, I have contributed to the research work and patent screening in the field of segregated user interfaces.


TFS, .net, Windows CE, BDD

Marcin has a great ability to explain and visualize complex problems in a simple fashion. I will keep in good memory Whiteboard Sessions during which we have discussed concepts and analyzed different solutions. His effective communication of architecture design and decisions was one of the key success factors in the project.

Gian Arquint – Product Owner for Cobas Liat

Software Architecture Warehouse

I have scoped, designed, and implemented a proof of concept tool for collaborative software architecture decision making. I have facilitated student contributions to the project. I have performed tool validation and evaluation within the master’s level course of software architecture and design at the University of Lugano. The results of the evaluation comprised a significant contribution to my dissertation.


RoR, Backbone.js, Marionette, MongoDB

High-performance image analysis

I have designed and implemented a component that analyzed speckle images. The implementation facilitated image processing in Fourier space and convolution theorem for a high-precision shift image analysis. The component dealt in real-time with the output of a high-speed (100Hz) camera and produced and reliably delivered sub-pixel precision. The component was successfully applied for a car chassis rigidity testing and integrated into an automotive production line.


Microsoft Visual C++


I have used static code analysis to remove redundancy, find dependencies, and create technical documentation for a massive legacy software project. I have refactored and extended the data loading and persistence layer with the use of a declarative data-model.


Borland C++, Ruby

Lafot Lab Digi 1/2/3

I was one of two main contributors to the transformation of the traditional, analog photographic equipment manufacturer into digital photography. I have prototyped, designed, and lead the implementation of the Linux based digital image processing system. I have participated in the design and implementation of advanced color space transformation algorithms. The developed digital photography printer gathered significant attention on the photography fair (Photokina). It was a sizable market success on international markets (in Taiwan, South Africa, Madagascar, Germany, Turkey, and Russia).


QT, Debian Linux, C/C++, SMB, MS Visual C++, VB.NET